Picture Perfect Memories : Roohshad Garda

Meet the man who click-started a new era of wedding photography - Roohshad Garda, an ace celebrity wedding photographer who skipped the manual of stiff wedding portraits and family pictures to usher in a new-age style of wedding photography. His photo archives are brimming with the portraits of brides ‘caught in a moment’- peals of laughter frozen in time and the gamut of emotions that are stolen and eternalised in a photograph.

From infusing a narrative in the nuptial spectacles to capturing the pulse of the celebration and raw emotions, Roohshad was the first wedding photographer to have started experimenting with rich post-production effects and processes to enhance the mood of the moment in his photographs. His series of ‘firsts’ does not die here, he is the first photographer in India to induce a glamorous streak by creating ritzy and vintage sets to bring in a lavish backdrop for the pre-wedding shoots.

Another massive leap was to take wedding videos from dull and uninspiring to exciting and dynamic by creating a cinematic glimpse of the steller wedding moments, with plot lines, conversations and moods, set to a rousing soundtrack, whetting the apetite for the full length version.

His photo-shoots morph into a full scale fashion shoots for the newly-wed couple.

Spontaneity plays a key role in his inspiration board. The ace wedding photographer does not consider his photographs as just ‘wedding mementos’ but a treasure trove of memories that refuse to fade away with time. Each of his photographs tells a story. Armed with the best shooting arsenal, the first steps into the nuptial universe are chronicled, the ethereal beauty of a demure bride is captured and ecstasy of the newly-wed weaves a ‘happily ever after’ in his wedding albums.

‘Behind the scenes’ of Roohshad’s photo-narrative is also a gripping saga. Roohshad spends enough time to get familiar with the couple’s persona and preferences. ‘It helps me weave a new plot and fresh story in every wedding’, says Roohshad. From taking his signature shots like the ‘frame with a frame’ - a portrait through the viewfinder of another camera or setting up a huge vintage set for the pre-wedding shoot, innovative concepts abound in his mind to capture the epic moments of the newly-weds. Roohshad traces the intriguing stories in each wedding as the drama unfolds in his frames- right from waking up the bride in the wee hours and shadowing her through the day to documenting the spectrum of moments and will even whisk the couple away to an exotic locale for a pre-wedding shoot.

With an impressive patron base that comprises the celebrity clout down south, like the recently held south Indian icon Chrianjeevi’s son Ram Charan’s wedding with Upasna, and the legendary Telugu artist Saikumars’ daughter’s wedding, Roohshad’s list of clients reflect many on-screen icons and the platinum jet set club in the country.

Not just a star Indian base, Roohshad also enjoys a slew of premier international clientele. The photographer zips across the globe to capture high profile weddings. He has captured the grand spectacles of nobility and even clicked the big day of a famed German actress. Freeze the moments in time with Roohshad Garda!

Roohshad can further be reached at
or through www.avantgarda.com

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